Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Ghost Story

Halloween is approaching. We still have time to get in some good Halloween stories. ghost stories, UFO encounters, wild animal encounters. I'm giving you a lot of leeway with this one. It's a great and fun holiday, so have fun. Share your story with us.

Here's mine.

I had an experience as a child of hearing what I thought and still to this day believe to be ghost footsteps. It started like this:

I had a pet chihuahua named Blackie who lived to be about eight years old. I must have been 9 or 10 . It was winter and Blackie was going to have puppies. One extremely cold night she went outside to relieve herself as she did every night before we went to bed. She would always scratch the door to come in. That night she never scratched to come back in and no one noticed she hadn't come back in before we all went to bed. The next morning we found her in her outside doghouse. She had
died in the middle of giving birth. She and all the puppies were dead. Frozen stiff. I loved Blackie and didn't want her and her puppies to die.
Now Blackie had long toenails that clicked on the hardwood floor of our hallway. At some time during the night, she would leave her bed and walk down the hallway past my room. My door was always open. I would hear her coming and would look toward the door and see her walk past. One night after she had died, in the quiet stillness of the night, I was not quite asleep when I heard the identical sound of Blackie's toenails clicking down the hallway, coming toward my door. I turned my head toward the door. Now I was frozen stiff, staring at the door. The toenails, without wavering, continued right past my door as I stared and saw nothing. Nearly frightened me to death. I never forgot that experience. Even today as I watch shows like "Ghost Hunters", I'm surprised at the number of people who claim to hear footsteps. Maybe there was something there.

Share with us YOUR ghost story.

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